• Different size green oak beams
  • Top view of oak beams - green
  • Along the green beam view solid oak
  • Selection of green oak beams
  • Green oak in a variety of Sizes
  • Green Solid French Oak

Green Oak Beams / Boards


  • Solid French Green Oak
  • Perfect for a variety of uses from landscaping to structural A-Frame beams and construction use


Our solid oak timber comes from sustainably managed woodland in the central and western regions of France from the white oak species Quercus Robur.

Green oak hasn’t been dried and therefore contains most of it natural moisture. This makes it easier to work with but will lead to more cracks and movement if placed straight into a warm and dry environment. Our green oak is suitable for a variety of uses from landscaping to structural A frame beams in the construction trade.

We stock a variety of green sizes from 10″x3″ to “8”x8″ to 14″x14″. 


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