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Celtic Timber Review aand Testimonial Tewkesbury Park

Case Study: Tewkesbury Park Hotel

Tewkesbury Park Hotel is a recently refurbished, 93 bedroom former manor house situated in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. Outside of the hotel and several of the rooms are seating areas for guests to relax with a bottle of wine and a bowl of nuts as they look out over the grounds and their 18 hole, par 73 golf […]

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Oak Barrel Planters with Summer Flowers

5 Uses For Oak Barrel Planters

Our Top 5 Ideas for Barrel Planters Oak Barrel Planters are one of the most versatile products that we stock. A quick glance at Pinterest demonstrates that possible uses for barrel planters are only limited by your imagination and craft. Before you start your project, consider what style and capacity of barrel you need. We stock […]

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Oak Beam Fireplace

5 Considerations for Choosing An Oak Beam Fireplace / Mantelpiece

Factors to contemplate before ordering your oak beam fireplace. In our opinion, there is no feeling more satisfying than installing a beautiful, natural oak product as the centrepiece of your living room to create an elegant and charming oak beam fireplace. However, there are many factors to consider before ordering your oak beam fireplace. Here are […]

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Oak Barrel Water Butts

Converting A Barrel into a Barrel Water Butt

Using an Oak Barrel as a Barrel Water Butt in your Garden Water butts are perfect for collecting rainwater in your garden and recycling that water for use on your plants and vegetation. Using a variety of barrel accessories, such as Rainwater Diverters, Fitted Wooden Taps/Fitted Brass Taps, Pipe Holes and/or Raised Blocks, ensures that your water butt […]

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Fitting oak Beams into character properties

Incorporating Oak Into Character Properties

Most properties over 20 years old will have gone through some form of renovation. This might be simple things such as a garden restoration, or a new ceiling. The problem with many renovations is that the cheapest way to get the job done is not necessarily the way that helps a property to retain its […]

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